Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ahistory: An Unauthorized History of Doctor Who

It's not a history of the series. It's the third edition of the history of the Doctor Who universe, a timeline really, a chronology of the Doctor Who universe from the start of time forward to the far, far future. This edition extends time through the first series of the Eleventh Doctor, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures, the Bernice Summerfield serials, Dalek Empire, the novels, and much, much more. It's 784 pages long including the index - a MAJOR expansion from the first edition.

You can download the Table of Contents and Introduction for the new edition here.

The lead author, Lance Parkin, was a collaborator with Lawrence Miles in creating the whole Faction Paradox experience during the most open and creative period of Doctor Who novelizations. So the Faction Paradox content and spin-offs are in here too.

If you play Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, you will probably want it. It has helped me situate adventures in the Doctor Who universe and I have discovered numerous things just from perusing the last edition.

When you will have time to read it is another thing. But consider this: you'll have all the time in the universe to get to it!

I am very thankful that we have two wonderful SF bookstores in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. The one I visit most frequently, Uncle Hugo's, carries this book and has an excellent selection of Doctor Who titles. They do mail order too.

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