Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ubiquity Space 1889 Marathon at Con of the North 2014

I am planning another Friday afternoon two-part Marathon for the first day of Con of the North in February 14, 2014. The Marathon will use the forthcoming Ubiquity system rules for the new edition of the classic interplanetary steampunk RPG, Space 1889.

Like last year's Ubiquity Marathon, the adventures will be linked thematically, but separate.  So people will be able to register to play in either Part I or Part II or both.

Part I will run from 12-2 PM: "Dinosaur Hunt on Venus" involves, naturally, dinosaurs, a strange discovery, and an encounter with...Germans!

Part II will run from 4-6 PM: "Intrigue on Mars" makes the leap from strange discoveries on Venus great power rivalries among the native nations - and ancient ruins - of Mars.

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