Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Firefly RPG

There was a whole stack of Firefly RPG: Gaming in the 'Verse books at The Source Comics and Games last night, so I picked one up. These were sold at Gen Con 2013 as a preview edition of the forthcoming Firefly RPG. The preview is a softcover that clocks in at 267+ full color pages for $35. The full edition of the game is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2014.

I haven't done more than gloss through the book a couple of times (most recently over breakfast today), but I am very impressed with the layout and design. The font is a great size and the layout makes the book very easy to read. Text is not obscured by art, and the graphics are crisp and sharp.

It's a handsome package.

My impression is that the Preview is informed by the Cortex system's most recent iterations in Leverage and Marvel Heroic. Using this book, you can create new crew members, or use the signature Firefly TV series characters (all statted out here) to run the book's two scenarios. Players can either use the Firefly as their ship, or use the ship creation rules included here to collaboratively create their own custom ship.

I can easily imagine people using the Preview book to run their own campaigns (beyond the two scenarios included here) until the final full RPG book comes out. This is a very good start on what looks to be a great game.

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