Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fate of Freeport at Con of the North 2014

Cover art by Wayne Reynolds

I own the book pictured above, The Pirate's Guide to Freeport, as well as the PDF of the Fate Freeport Companion, so I am planning to run a "Fate of Freeport" scenario at Con of the North in February 2014. I am thinking of setting Freeport on an island somewhere in a fantastic 17th Century Malay archipelago. Islands are great for pirate cities (and failed colonies in general), so I am thinking about running Freeport as in essence a failed faux-European colony somewhere in a fantasy analog of maratime SE Asia. The South China Sea had many pirates at different times (and still does!) so this seems perfect.

Pirate crews in this region are a mix of peoples of faux-African descent, as well as peoples from faux-India, the vast faux-Malay archipelago, and the faux-Chinese.  And, yes, faux-Europeans. Samurai are out. But who knows? There may be a few Lao pirates out there... although they may need airships.

The Orcs (since they exist in the Freeport setting, and in fact were barbarian invaders of Freeport) come from the tropical hellhole (or frozen hellhole, I haven't really decided) of the mysterious southern continent of Antarctica.

The Orcs aren't racial surrogates for anybody in particular.

They might even be Hollow Earth refugees.

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  1. Pirates...orcs...hollow earth...hmmmm--this sounds like a lot of fun!