Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Robots Are Taking Over

On the way to gaming last night, I saw this this robot repairman (complete with repairman's cap, sold separately) and his faithful robot dog companion. They both look pretty happy. The dog is definitely more of the chipper short than K-9.

The robot repairman has a gap in the teeth on the right side of his mouth - perfect for the placement of a robo-cigar, pipe, or a tool.

The side of the truck was even more fabulous, showing off the robot repairman's full-color tool belt.

If you visit Kunlun Station, these kinds of characters are a common sight. I may just stat them up for Strangers & Friends.


  1. That's how it starts. Pretty soon, the robots are "repairing" you!

  2. I hope they have good bedside manner!