Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mooks In Cosmic Patrol

Lesser NPCs in Cosmic Patrol are hard to kill; here are some rules for NPC mooks:
  • A mook has four skills: Brawn, Brains, Charisma, and Combat. Assign a d8, and d10 to one of the four stats each; give the two others d6's.    
  • A garden variety mook gets one point of Armor.
  • A garden variety mook gets one point of Health. When this is checked off, the mook is unconscious or dead. 
  • Weapons and Equipment are assigned normally.
Alternatively, a mook has just two stats: Combat and Everything Else. Assign the two stats a d6 and d8 respectively, or a d8 and d10, depending on the desired competence of the mook. Armor, Health, Weapons and Equipment are unchanged.

A third variation may be used for mooks with unusual or special abilities. Give the mook three stats: Combat, Special, and Everything Else. Specify a special ability for the Special stat. Then assign dice to the three stats as follows: d6,d8, d10. Alternatively, promote the d10 to a d12, and reduce the d6 to a d4. Armor, Health, Weapons and Equipment are unchanged.

Mooks can act in groups. To create a group of mooks that act as one, the only change you need to make is to add the number of Health points corresponding to the additional members making up the group. Every hit to health after the first and only point of Armor is expended kills one of the mooks. 

The number of mooks in the mook group serves as a bonus to the mook's Combat roll as follows: 
  • Mook Group Combat Roll = d12 + Combat/Special + Modifier [# Additional Mooks] 
  • As mooks in the group are killed, the Modifier decreases accordingly
Keep the size of mook groups to about 3-4 members total. An NPC can control as many mooks (single or in groups) as their die type in Charisma. 


  1. The rule for mooks with special abilities is a good one. Media is full of mooks that are unsual and seem like they are going to be tougher, but aren't really that much more of a threat.

    1. Like a certain back-alley swordsman in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"!