Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Saguaro flesh. Photo by L Bolyard.

The flesh of the Saguaro plant people can be harvested and used as a potent psi-enhancing substance. A chunk of the Saguaro's flesh must be cut off a limb or from the main trunk of the creature. This fresh meat is quickly dethorned, and then the leathery green rind is removed so that the softer internal flesh can be pulped and consumed.

Harvesting and consumption must occur in close physical proximity to the living Saguaro donor, or the psi-meat spoils - with deleterious side effects for the imbiber. Each mouthful of pulp confers plant-telepathy upon its subject for one Session. The user's skin takes on a greenish-yellow tint while the drug is in effect. Frequent or continuous consumption can lead to addiction, as well as to permanent somatic changes in the user.

An animal that consumes psi-meat will be able to communicate flawlessly with any nearby plant. Users are also able to communicate with nearby animal species as a Clever Action with a difficulty of 2. The user has little filter, hearing the thoughts of any and all plants, insects, and other animals in close proximity. To determine a specific range in Zones for this sensory input, roll 1DF +2 Zones.

It is important to note that sentient plants are able to effortlessly read the mind of someone who has ingested psi-meat; psi-meat users may roll their own Clever vs. the plant's Clever to defend against such an intrusion.


  1. Reminds me of Burroughs' Black Meat, but in a good way. I could see this stuff getting into the wrong hands in certain isolated places...

  2. Yes, things always end up in the wrong hands sooner or later, don't they? Burroughs (both really) are a definite influence on me.