Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cosmic Patrol For Free RPG Day

We'll be running Cosmic Patrol for Free RPG Day at 2 PM Saturday, June 21. The action happens at Source Comics and Games in Roseville, Minnesota.

Cosmic Patrol is a fast-paced game of pulp-inspired SF. Friends have asked whether it is similar to Lady Blackbird (which I have never played). I gather it may be, from the number of times I have been asked this. I do know it has aspect-like Cues and Tags, so I gather it has some similarities to Fate. Cosmic Patrol also uses different die types for characters' different attributes, so it may also share something in common with Savage Worlds (another game that I'd really like to play some day).

My past posts about Cosmic Patrol can be found here. The creators even game me permission to convert a few of their lovely finned rocket ships for the Fate system, so you will find them in the link above. So if you are curious about Cosmic Patrol, please stop by and give it a try!

I'll let people know how the session went next week!

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