Monday, June 16, 2014

New FATE SF Series: Strangers & Friends

Art by Juan Ochoa

We're starting a new Monday series here at FATE SF, courtesy of some great art from a comics project that Juan Ochoa has given us permission to use. Our series is called Strangers & Friends, and will feature a set of NPC write-ups for use in Fate SF RPG games. Are they strangers? Are they friends? You'll have to decide by using them in your games.

Most write-ups will use Mindjammer stats, because I want to stretch those muscles a bit. The characters will be pretty usable in that world, but their bios and history will be written for the default FATE SF space opera universe of the Empire. These folks live in an anarchic border region of the Empire where people have many interactions with the autonomous zones beyond the border.

Next week, I'll be fleshing out the border region in a series of posts.

On Monday, June 30th, we'll post the first the individual character write-up!