Friday, July 6, 2012

This Planet Is YOUR Planet

Kepler 22-B that is! On John M. Stater's Strange New World blog Kepler 22-B is unfolding in all its glory as a system-free collaborative SF game setting. Different people are detailing specific sectors of the Big Planet.

This is James Garrison's Creative Commons (see my Usage section for details) beautiful logo for the world:

And this is a brief comparative system diagram, courtesy of NASA:

You can see the master map for the planet here

I will be detailing Sector I-5 of the planet:

Sector I-5,mapped by John M. Stater

The map zooms down to the hex level. Each hex is 30 miles across.

I will be sharing some location/encounter information as works in progress on FATE SF. I will also be providing some FATE conversions here for things I create on the FATE SF blog, since the Kepler 22-B project is system-free.

There is still time to request some real estate, and there is no reason why other FATE gamers who like SF shouldn't get in on the game. In fact, I think one of these sectors would be an excellent FATE G+ sandbox!

So, if you'd like a piece of the action, just contact John M. Stater using the information on his website!

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