Friday, July 27, 2012

Something Fishy In New Manila Bay

The Bituin Expedition's shore party to Hex 180.73 has carried out detailed soundings of New Manila Bay. Shortly after launching their first mapping torpedoes, the crew discovered a strange anomaly. The Bay is radioactive.

The shore party used the mapping torpedoes to triangulate radiation's source. It is located several kilometers out into the Bay. The radiation spike is coming from four cuboid objects on the ocean floor.

Each of the four structures is one cubic meter in size. Round megavacuoles circulate, fuse, and divide within each cube. Spectrographic analysis indicates that the objects are primarily silicate structures.
No function has yet been determined, but it is probable that these are Forerunner artifacts. Their radiation signature is similar to the emitter buoys found in orbit around the ancient, deadly, and abandoned worlds of the Coreward Mapping Region. Their coloration and vacuoles also resemble the datatroves found within the Rim waystations abandoned by the Sphinx culture. Time will tell whether these objects warn of great danger or herald an archive containing ancient wisdom.

OGL Mechanics

I thought I'd stat this artifact out using Starblazer Adventures, since it is WeirdTech.

Enigma Boxes - Ancient alien artifacts based on ubiquitous Forerunner technologies; used by many ancient spacefaring cultures and by a few highly advanced contemporary spacefaring cultures; common formats include: emitter buoys to warn of hazards to navigation or life; datatroves archiving massive amounts of alien data over millions of years; stasis boxes storing hazardous or valuable materials within secure vacuoles.

  • Scale 1 (Tiny/Smaller than a human)
  • Power/Skill Level: Fantastic +6 (Typically these devices have one primary skill, such as Store and Retrieve Data, or Warn Away Intruder)
  • Improvements:
    • Alien Technology (Players will need the Engineering stunt Weird Science to attempt to understand or operate the device)
    • AI Control OR Conscious
    • Hair Trigger (emitter buoys and datatroves can self-destruct at discretion of controlling AI or machine consciousness)
    • Biomimetic Forerunner machine
    • It was here first
    • Don't get to close, the radiation could cook you
    • It is a warning, an archive, or a gift box - or maybe all three
    • Too tempting to ignore

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