Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sector I-5, Hex 180.73

The Banyan-class exploration ship Bituin maintains a geosynchronous orbit over Hex 180.73 of Sector I-5 on planet Kepler 22-B. This hex is on the southeastern side of the roughly tear-shaped large central island on the Sector I-5 Map.

The hex location, which has been dubbed New Manila Bay by the Bituin crew, has a heavily forested shoreline on five sides of the hex. It is completely open to the ocean on the southeastern hex face.

New Manila Bay has been identified for further reconnaissance. The bay is deep and has potential as a surface settlement suitable for harbor construction.

Take a look at the Aspects below the maps for some hints about the features of Hex 180.73. Some of these will be explored further in Friday's FATE SF post. Others will appear on the Strange New World blog in the near future.

Enlargement of SE Corner of Center-Right Island, Sector I-5
Sector I-5 Map by John M. Stater

OGL Mechanics

Aspects for Sector I-5, Hex 180.73:
  • The oppressive humidity gets to you
  • But at least there's no shortage of water
  • The forest screams with life!
  • Why does the Bay turn red like that?
  • The fish look almost edible

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