Monday, July 2, 2012

Table 2: Touchy Technology Aspects

What do you REALLY know about that piece of unknown or unreliable technology? How do you even work it? How DID it work last time? WILL it work this time, like it did last time? How much trouble are you in with that thing? Let's find out!  

Table 2: Touchy Technology Aspects

  1. Really, who thought it was a good idea to label this thing in Esperanto?
  2. It has multiple settings; too bad there's no labels...
  3. It's alien. If your fingers won't work the buttons, try your tongue
  4. It's like a distruptor, but it HEALS
  5. Too bad we don't have an owner's manual
  6. I got it off a guy who got it off a guy
  7. Does it always vibrate and screech like that? 
  8. It just needs you to complete the circuit
  9. This is top-of-the-line technology...too bad it's 200 years out of date
  10. It's twice as effective when its malfunctioning
  11. What is that needle in the grip for?
  12. I already pushed that button - I think
  13. Somebody's gonna pay top dollar for this
  14. Just the tool for the job... if you can get it to work
  15. It would fit right in my hand... if my hand were three times larger
  16. Alien technology is so sexy
  17. Using it is straightforward... at least 50% of the time
  18. It has too many buttons and dials to be a weapon, right?
  19. There are no buttons or dials on this thing at all
  20. I can use it as a shield if worse comes to worst
  21. I can use it as a club is worse comes to worst
  22. This is the souped-up version
  23. It needs a remote
  24. It is a remote
  25. Incompatible with our systems
  26. Disconcertingly adaptable to our systems
  27. I think its been rooted
  28. It's phoning home
  29. Have you noticed that when this thing turns on, other things turn off?
  30. This might save us, yet!

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