Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rogue Transmission #1

If you're like me, your interest in science fiction gaming is probably pretty broad. Currently, I am digging 2300 AD (Mongoose Traveller) which finally made it to the Twin Cities last week. It's not anywhere near as bad as I was expecting, considering a lot of the neggy-weggy comments I've seen about it on the Mongoose boards.

And now we have an entirely free supplement, Rogue Transmissions #1.

It has content from two of the most unorthodox and creative Old School Renaissance bloggers out there, Porky and Hereticwerks. As my geometry teacher in high school used to say, "it is very straightforward" to convert creations like this to FATE games. And that is actually true.

No less importantly, the game this content was written for is Rogue Space, a really great SF RPG.

Rogue Space is a VERY reasonably priced, simple, clean, lean, and mean old-school SF RPG. If you consider the original Star Trek series one of your SF sweet spots, and like Golden Age flavored SF, check out the Rogue Space blog.

In the very near future, Rogue Space will be out in a new, sightly more expensive edition with cool new original art by the person who did the Rogue Space cover (the game designer's spouse happens to be a great illustrator). Be sure you check the blog and the game out.

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  1. Hey John, thanks for the shout out! More from the Dark Frontier Frontier to com en the near future!