Sunday, December 27, 2015

Introducing Ensign T'Plana-Harth

Far Trek is C.R. Brandon's quick, lean, and clean fanRPG for roleplaying in the original series universe. Use the link to learn more about the game and to download the PDF. This is one game I am hoping to run in the New Year.

Yesterday, I created a few PCs using the Far Trek rules. You roll 3D6 for attributes, and then select your race, class, skills, and talents. Creating a character takes 10 minutes or less.

Here is the first of the three characters I have made so far:

Ensign T'Plana-Harth
("lady return-thinking to the direct experience of the universe")
Red Shirt class, Vulcan species

Attributes: ST +1, DX 0, IQ +3, CA -1

Vulcan Species Talents:
Desert Adapted +2
Lack of Emotion -1

General Skills:
Armed Melee +1
Interrogate +2
Investigate +2
Languages +2
Marksmanship +1

Red Shirt Skills:
Communications +2
Small Unit Tactics +1

Mind Meld
Vulcan Nerve Pinch

Ensign T'Plana-Harth is a skilled interrogator with the ship's Security department. She is tight-lipped and reserved, and many think her harsh. However, her stoicism has often proved useful on tough away missions, and she isn't above using her mind meld ability to force information from hostile parties. T'Plana-Harth hopes the homeworld does not become aware of these ethical infractions. 

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