Saturday, December 12, 2015

Print Edition Of Far Trek For Sale TODAY ONLY

Just a weekend ago, I had a chance to play FASA Trek for the first time! I've been thinking a lot about original Star Trek since last Saturday's Saturday Night Space Opera game, and it is fortuitous that one week after the game, the Far Trek RPG is available for sale for one day - TODAY ONLY!

This is an at-cost fan publication that is only intermittently available in print. You can always get the PDF from the Far Trek blog however.

If you like original Star Trek best, you can't go wrong with Far Trek. It's not a retroclone of FASA Trek, but its own simple system with strong simple mechanics for emulating Star Trek: everything you need in fact for action from the original series pilot through the animated series. Most importantly, there are stats for Kzinti. Real Kzinti.

With today's order, I'll have enough copies for every player to have one at the table when they create characters - not that chargen is laborious or difficult.

Hopefully, we'll get an episode in during the next couple of months.


  1. Thanks for the support John,there is a free adventure for Far Trek you can download at the Far Trek blog as well (in the downloads section) "Be Not Afraid"