Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Strange Stars A-To-Z: "F" Is For Flight

Vorlon from Babylon 5

There are four clades with a connection to flight in the Strange Stars setting. 

The angelic, winged Deva have the power of flight both in the air and far above in space. This power comes in handy, as the Deva collective mission is to repair the Jupiter brains that comprise their solar system. They hope to restore the mind of God, or at least the malfunctioning and perhaps in some cases deranged planetary minds embodied in the ten planets that orbit Altair.

The Voidgliders have dragonfly plasma sails that allow them to maneuver in space. Vacuum is their natural habitat. Their unique ability to sense hyperspace nodes has led to a small number of Voidgliders being pressed into service as the preferred scouts of the Vokun Empire's spacefleets. Their space flight is elegant, but few have had an opportunity to see Voidgliders among the stars. The Vokun Empire has confined most of their kind to a single star system.

Vokun elders almost universally have difficulty even walking, let alone flying, due to the massive girth that comes with Vokun maturity. The Vokun lack wings, but they are frequently able to fly short distances at great speed due to the emergency maneuver rockets built into their flying chairs. No one will mistake them for angels, but more than a few have called the Vokun devils.

The fourth clade, the Hyehoon, experiences flight as a constitutive absence. Their clade was created by combining avian and human DNA, but they are incapable of flight. Many Hyehoon feel this loss deeply, and the most extreme of their kind are Eden Seeker atavists plotting a regressive biological flight toward thoughtless, winged instinct.

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