Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Strange Stars A-To-Z: "B" Is For Bomoth Base Boreas

The ice-shod water world of Boreas hides many secrets. Even in the days of the Archaic Oikumene, this world of the Outer Rim was off the beaten track. beneath the ice, there is a war between the blue-skinned humanoid Uldra, and the ancient, vast coral bioforms known as the Cold Minds. Boreas is neither hospitable nor pacific.

An Alliance scout ship recently detected a Bomoth dome-base in the equatorial region of this frozen planet. The dome is semi-opaque, and cracked. The scout was unable to penetrate the dome using scanners, but imaging reveals shapes moving within the dome: some on the ground level, and some that appear to be flying or leaping.

The exterior of Bomoth Base Boreas is festooned with seismic and acoustic monitors. The dome also reveals a pattern of many small spiderweb cracks, and these features are typically adjacent to fissures within the ice sheets surrounding the base.

So far from planet Woon, on this desolate world of ice and war, what are the Bomoth doing here?


Potential Scenario Aspects:

  • Cracked dome, cracked ice
  • The ice hides many secrets
  • The vibrations are killing us
*Transmissions from the dome

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