Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pus Geyser

The Underworld is a living place; it is corrupt, fecund, and rhizomatic in structure. The Underworld has many tributaries. That is because Lords of Xibalba are ever-eager to expand their domains. They often gift sorcerers with spells that spread their corrupting influence.

Pus Geyser (Curse/Necromancy, Cost, Per Scene, Permanent, Requires two other Curse/Necromancy spells, Corrupting): This spell creates a small spurting tributary from one of the great rivers of the Underworld. It may be a river of pus, blood, centipedes, scorpions, spinal columns, fingernails or any other of the contaminating flows surging through the heart of Xibalba.

The spell can only be cast below ground. Any tunnel, cave, sewer, or cellar will suffice. The caster must lance an infected wound; the exudate drips to the ground, and charged by the spell opens a small gate to one of the rivers of Xibalba. The ground bubbles, and then spurts.

One zone is corrupted by the first casting. Each successful further casting spreads the riverine infection to another zone. Such follow-up castings require a rotting corpse to feed the river. The discharge from a pus geyser may be temporarily mopped up, dried, or otherwise quenched, but the flow will resume as soon as such activity stops. However some supernatural "plugs" exist; consult the priests of Kukulkan and Ix Chel.  

Zones affected by a pus geyser have the following aspects:
  • River of pus (or blood, centipedes, etc.)
  • Unquenchable geyser
  • Underworld poisons spread disease
Flow creatures may be treated as swarms, as per the Fate Freeport Companion rules.

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