Monday, February 4, 2013

That Which Survives - A TrekCore Campaign

The simulacrum of Losira

In the Star Trek episode "That Which Survives" the crew of the Enterprise encounter a world the size of Earth's moon; a world which has a gravity and atmosphere comparable to Earth. It turns out that this is yet another hollow world - an artificial world - but before the crew of the Enterprise learn that they are on an alien outpost of the Kalandans, a number of the crew will die!

The ancient Kalandans who were assigned to this outpost were killed at least four thousand years ago by a mystery disease. However, a simulacrum of the base's former commander, Losira, defends this outpost against intruders from the Enterprise.

She materializes and dematerializes at will with a rather cool special effect that reduces her from a 3D simulacrum to a vertical black line. The line then collapses in on itself to a point - and then to nothing.

The simulacrum's materialization can be detected by tricorders; it registers as a huge surge in life force readings.

Losira not only strikes on the planet; she can even materialize on the Enterprise itself, as well as replicate herself to attack multiple people simultaneously with her "I am for you" death-touch  power, which is programmed for one specific target at a time, per simulacrum.

The Kalandans' civilization has some pretty high tech abilities. The Federation would want to learn more about them, and would trawl this outpost for clues to the location of another Kalandan base. Once they had that data, they would commission a starship to follow the trail from world-to-world into the heart of the Kalandan's long-gone empire.

Here are the campaign Aspects for this Star Trek sequel, using the FATE Core campaign creation parameters:

Current Issue: Find the next outpost. The crew of the Class I Hermes-class Scout starship U.S.S. Diana (NGC-589) is assigned follow the trail back to the core of the Kalandans' ancient civilization. They seek out and encounter many new worlds, life forms, and civilizations on the way. A chain of abandoned Kalandan outposts and worlds unfolds before them, each with its own deadly sentries. They are also being followed by a mystery vessel that appears and disappears at the limits of sensor range.

Impending Issue: An ancient war fueled by simulacra. When the crew of the U.S.S. Diana reaches the core of Kalandan space, they find themselves in the midst of a 4,000 year-old civil war among the successor civilizations of this ancient, extinct empire. But it seems that the Kalandans live on; their simulacra lead the contending factions in this ancient war of succession.

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