Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hollow Earth Expedition Free for Valentines

You can download a free copy of Hollow Earth Expedition on Valentines Day ONLY, using this CORRECTED-CORRECTED link.

HEX was the first Ubiquity-system game to be published.

I was very fortunate to get to play in a local demo of the game at The Source Comics and Games shortly after it came out. I remember how stoked the GM and other players were to try it out. It was a great experience! I haven't seen the GM and players around since then (I think) but I'd love to have them drop me a line if they are still in town. There is also a HEX game being played by some of the staff at The Source.

It is a great game, but of course it has dinosaurs in the Hollow Earth, so how could it not be?

Thanks to Exile Game Studios for celebrating its 10th anniversary in such a classy and magnanimous way!

Look for it on Thursday!

And if you are in town, please stop by the House of Indie Games at Con of the North on Friday. We will be running the Leagues of Adventure RPG, another Ubiquity game, for a 6 hour marathon that will end up in the Hollow Earth - unless the players do something completely crazy, which NEVER happens!


  1. I'm getting an "INVALID DISCOUNT URL" notification from DriveThru. Check your code.

  2. People were getting that last night, but told that it was due to the fact that the code was timed for today. Thanks for pointing out the problem. I was just about to test the link again when I saw your email! It looks fixed now.

  3. I have verified that the new download link works. It is a very beautiful PDF!

  4. I get an invalid discount or URL message when I hit that link.

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  6. I just published a new post with Exile Game Studios' FB page. There is a link there as well - you may have better luck with that.