Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Trelebs

Trelebs, also known as Trelebiti, are a ubiquitous alien race in known space. Humans gave them this nickname after trilobites, an extinct prehistoric Terran arthropod. The Trelebs simply refer to themselves as The People.
The Treleb exoskeleton has a head, thorax and small tail-like region called a pygidium. The head has a variety of different eye positions/arrnagements and numbers of eyes, although two large compound eyes, bilaterally arranged are very much the norm. The heads often also have antennae. The thorax has numerous legs. The creatures can move very quickly, as well as bend and roll into a protective pill-bug shape.

Their bodies are generally 2-4 meters in length, but in truth their "bodies" are merely bioshells containing one or more pulpy alien bodies. These bioshells come in bio-organic and bio-mimetic subvarieties, although the bio-organic modules are the most common. The shells have a range of natural colorations from a rust red to a bright orange. Trelebs living in close proximity to humans often have their bio-shells painted with a variety of colors and patterns that humans find interesting and diverting. The bio-mimetic models can change their colors and patterns at will; they can also incorporate a variety of cybernetic implants as well as camouflage their heat and EM signatures.

Beneath the shell, Trelebs are a pulpy brain mass with numerous ropy neuromusclular tendrils. Their exact reproductive modality is unknown, although it is known that many Treleb bioshells contain one or more brain masses that operate as a cooperative unit. Inside their shells, Treleb groups communicate through intertangled knots of neuromuscular tendrils, suspended in a heady stew of neurotransmitters and hormones. In time, their brain masses can even fuse. Trelebs also use telepathy within the shell, particularly when working out advanced concepts that require multiple minds, such as transplanar gate and jumpdrive geometries. They are particularly gifted in this area.

Trelebs communicate with their kind in other shells exclusively through telepathy. If a Treleb injects certain plasmids into the human bloodstream via stinging cells on tendrils extruded through their bioshells, they can confer Treleb-telepathy to humans. Usually no more than one human on a ship will undergo this procedure, as this transformation has a bewildering variety of psychic side effects.

One or more Trelebs will often be found on human ships or habitats. They live in the lower decks of ships and in the sewer systems of many human colonies, consuming garbage and refuse and processing toxins. They can perform a wide range of maintenance activities due to their numerous limbs, as well as to their ability to release and control swarms of pill-bug sized Pervasoids - essentially very small remote-repair bioshells.

Trelebs with bio-mimetic bioshells are often used in high radiation areas for special maintenance work such as the repair of gates and jumpdrives, or even on the outside of ships and habitat hulls, since they are immune to the effects of vacuum.

OGL Mechanics:
  • Treleb Aspects can include: 
    • Fast Scuttler
    • Our Own Form of Telepathy
    • Creepy Looking, But After A While You Forget We're There
    • Not Easy to Squash
    • Engineer the Bugs Out
    • Reach WAY Inside (thanks to Pervasids)
  • Apex skill is generally Engineering (Great or Superb)
  • Telepathy skill; weakness to Light-based weapons (double stress)
  • Stunts may include: Grease Monkey, Mister-Fix-It, Thump of Restoration
  • Physical Stress 5
  • Composure Stress 5
  • Treat the Treleb as if it has Blade and Projectile Armor (-3)

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