Sunday, August 14, 2016

Young Centurions Take On Mars!

We'll be running "Young Centurions Take On Mars!", a Young Centurions scenario at Con of the North 2017. The event will be part of the programming for the Saturday Night Space Opera dedicated theme space. I have requested the game for Friday afternoon, February 17, from 12-4 PM. 

Here's the teaser:

On the eve of WW I, Martian artifacts are uncovered hinting at a new Tripod Invasion. The teen heroes of the Century Club must find a way to defeat the Martian foes before they once again wrap their slimy tentacles around the Earth. Try out this easy, fun-to-play pulp RPG prequel to Evil Hat’s Spirit of the Century.


  1. Any chance of you publishing the adventure, even after the Con? I'm Brazilian, love Young Centurions but there's no way to get there... :(

    1. I'll certainly do a write up for it! Thanks so much for stopping by!