Monday, January 18, 2016

Warriors Of The Red Planet RPG - Now Available!

Both the print and PDF editions of Thomas Denmark and Al Krombach's  Warriors of the Red Planet RPG are now available. The beta version was very polished, and had lavish full color illustrations on the front and back cover. This edition has a more old-school cover, but also has significantly more interior illustrations including for monsters.

If planetary romances in the vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett are your thing, AND you like old school RPGs, you should check this RPG out.  I have run the beta version several times in the last year, and had an opportunity to play in Brett Slocum's Tekumel games using WOTRP this fall!  The game does a good job emulating planetary romances - the best of any print RPG to date - and is very appropriate for Tekumel games set in distant, more high technology eras such as the Latter Times.

All my posts on tWarriors of the Red Planet from the Fate of Tekumel blog are linked here.

I ordered a print copy from Lulu today. I'll get the PDF once it's available through DriveThru.

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