Monday, December 30, 2013

There's A Centipede On My Dollar Store!

What can a GM buy for their games in a Dollar Store if they have ten bucks? My friend Rachel Kronick proposed we explore this question back when there wasn't snow on the ground in Minnesota (hint: no earlier than May 2013). It took a while for us to set up a time shopping expedition in which we would each spend $10 on gaming supplies, but we finally did that last weekend. The result will be a series of posts on our blogs about what we each purchased, and how we might use those items in our gaming.

We used a very specific methodology in shopping:
  • The goal was to purchase $10 items each, and to do multiple posts each featuring an item
  • We agreed on an NTE ("Not to Exceed" amount in managed care parlance) of $10 for each of us (excluding tax)
  • Anything in the store could be purchased, as long as the purchaser thought it had some utility at the gaming table
  • We would browse and make our selections independently of each other while in the store together, so that we did not influence each others' purchasing decisions 
Rachel did her first post today, which you can see here.

I will start individual item posts tomorrow, but we're starting today with the gallery of what we purchased for our $10:

Sure, we're being a little bit coy with such a blurry photo. We want you to come back! Ten items, ten posts. Come back tomorrow to see the mysterious reveal begin in earnest.

You can join this project too! Here's details.

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