Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gorn Campaign for TrekCore

A Gorn on the far the right from the Star Trek Animated Series

The Gorn.  Never underestimate them, based on one hand-to-hand encounter on a gem planet. Never forget that they have warp capable starships, transporters, and advanced weapons. While they are slower and less dextrous than humans, Gorn are much, much stronger and tougher than we are: Gorns can survive direct hits from a hand cannon.

A war between the Gorn and the Federation would probably be disastrous for both sides. The Gorn are only all too willing to defend territory that they see as their own, and see no need to warn or parley with intruders before engaging them in a merciless, no quarter given attack. Just ask the settlement on Cestus III.

While the Gorn certainly appear to have all the makings of implacable enemies, Federation diplomat-scientists believe that the fact that the Gorn are a cold blooded species could actually create the material conditions for collaboration between the Gorn polity and the Federation. Diplomat-scientists have proposed a series of "Heat Exchanges" in contested border territories. The Federation would cede the hotter worlds it has mapped or claimed to the Gorn, while the Gorn would cede more temperate worlds to the Federation.

Of course, rumors circulate within Starfleet that Section 31 has developed sinister and reportedly genocidal fall-back plans in case the diplomatic path fails. The details of their plan are classified, but the plan's code name, Case Gorn Winter, is suggestive to say the least.

Campaign Aspects:
  1. Current Issue: A Fragile Peace
  2. Impending Issue: Section 31's Sinister Plans

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