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The Nebbishter Glee

The Nebbishter Glee

Also known as Space Goblins, the Nebbishter Glee are a waist-high semi-intelligent demonic species that have infested a number of worlds, habitats, and orbitals both inside and beyond the Empire. Reportedly introduced into Imperial space by certain unscrupulous Gene Masters, the Nebbishter Glee are frequently used as estate guardians by the wealthy and unwary. Their DNA is an ever-shifting melange of canine, feline, ape, and utterly otherworldly alien stock.

Unfortunately, the Nebbishter have a tendency to... replicate in large numbers if unchecked. These diminished but still dangerous replicates are known as Epigones.  Fortunately the production of Epigones can be stayed with a number of Nexialist formulae and psychic sutras. These need to be recast daily. Otherwise, estates and other enclosed habitats will quickly become overrun by their numbers. Once free of the bonds of servitude, the Nebbishter Glee will mass replicate and attack everyone and everything in sight.

The Nebbishter Glee have a second use: they are a devastating weapon in siege warfare. The rocky hide of these demons makes them ideal for use in planetary bombardment. Several thousand may be fired at a planet from orbit. Invariably 66.6% will survive reentry and planetary impact undamaged - and ready for action. After a quick round of replication, a swarm of Nebbishter primaries and their Epigones will wreak indiscriminate havoc on all available targets.

The militarization of this species of demon has been banned by the Imperial Sovereign. But their use by privateers, star criminals, and extortionists of all kinds continues. Usually planets that have been infested by such attacks need to be sterilized using planet-cracking weapons.

Even more disturbing are reports of a new species variant that has recently appeared in the Empire. An Omega House expedition to a ringworld in the Shore Archipelago discovered a much more intelligent and psionically active subspecies of the Nebbishter Glee. Some of this stock escaped captivity and have begun organizing bands of their semi-intelligent peers in a series of well-coordinated rebellions in disparate sectors of the Empire.

In a typical act of Omega House public diplomacy, word has gone out that Omega House "has the means and the will to contain and extinguish this outbreak." There are reports in several sectors that Omega House has increased their hiring of mercenary forces, scaling up their military assets toward this end.  


The Nebbishter Glee
Space Goblins

  • High Concept: Waist-high semi-intelligent demons
  • Trouble: Vulnerable to psionic and magical attacks
  • Aspect: Guardians of limited loyalty
  • Aspect: A propensity to replicate
  • Aspect: Cat-ape-dog-demon hybrids
  • Careful: +1
  • Clever: 0
  • Flashy: +1
  • Forceful: +2
  • Quick: +2
  • Sneaky: +3
  • Easy to Overlook: Take a +2 to Sneaky Approach to be mistaken for statuary.
  • Remix: Once per session, an unwarded Nebbishter Glee may sample the DNA of another living creature and produce a new Nebbishter strain (not an Epigone) with a unique Aspect and Stunt.
  • Replicate Epigone: Once per session, an unwarded Nebbishter Glee can produce an Epigone; this is a mook (see stats below). 
  • Tough Little Critter: Once per session, a Nebbishter becomes immune to a Forceful attack that would otherwise damage it (i.e., projectiles, a fall, fire).

Epigone (Minion)
A big bite, A short reach
  • Skilled +2 at: Biting, Sneaking
  • Bad -2 at: Fighting magical/psionic attacks
  • Stress: 2

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