Monday, June 10, 2013

Tekumel Weekend

Hlutrgu commandeer a raft in the Braunstein

On Saturday, we were able to experience one of the traditions in gaming that led to roleplaying: the Braunstein. You can see my full report over at The Everwayan.

On Sunday, I was able to play in a quick one-shot FATE Core Tekumel game run by +George Harnish, one of my two Tek-friends from Duluth. Both George and +Howard Hendrickson came down from Duluth for the weekend for the Braunstein, so we were able to get in a quick fun game and test out some magic rules while George and Howard were in town. It was nice to take a break from GMing FATE and get into the game again as a player.

This was George's first time running Tekumel. He did a great job with the game and the setting; I felt like I was really there. Right before play, George consulted with Howard in writing down a few quick Aspects for Penom. George also took a peek at our two character sheets, and selected a couple of the Aspects from each of our characters to build the story. That was really well done, and a good reminder that I need to remember to do that more often in my own gaming groups.

Howard created a Tekumel classic in the form of a priest of Dra the Uncaring: one with an appropriate appetite for bureaucracy, and a Doomkill spell waiting in reserve in case bureaucratic maneuvers and low-level spells weren't cutting it. I didn't find out about the Doomkill until after the session wrapped up. That was a really funny surprise.

This was a great way to close a wonderful Tekumel weekend! Can't wait 'til the next time George and Howard are in town!