Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Golden Sphere

Art by Tom J. Manning

Think of it as a Wrecking Ball: the Golden Sphere is said to be able to fulfill your innermost desire. Conscious or unconscious, but it often turns out to be the latter. It's at the very heart of the labyrinth, the heart's desire of the heart's desire.

In some (maybe most) Zones, it's not there at all. There might just be a Room at the heart of the labyrinth which does the same thing. And the antechamber to the Room, oh that liquid floor. Watch your step.

It's a danger. For whose intentions are fully conscious, or entirely pure? Sometimes people don't know themselves at all until they're face-to-face with this thing.

A mirror.

It's no wonder that governments and militaries take a dim view of stalkers, and often just want them dead.


  1. The expedition to find the Golden Sphere at the end of Roadside Picnic is just great.

    1. Yes, I thought the end was pretty disturbing.