Monday, November 5, 2012

Hyperspace And Slipknots

Hyperspace and slipnots are not the same. The structure of hyperspace is symmetrical and arborescent, with ten enumerated nodes consisting of three vertical columns with seven distinct energy levels. The two outer columns of enumerated nodes are bilaterally symmetrical. Each of the dual energy nodes on those levels is sheltered above and below by a singleton energy node located at the center of the level.

Every vessel in hyperspace exists in one of these ten nodes, or in one of the complex array of flow channels which connect the nodes within and between levels, as well as to the plane of imminence (i.e., space-time). Hyperspace is therefore a transcendent domain which is above (or perhaps below) normal space. It was always-already there.

It is also believed to have "leaks" from yet other dimensions beyond its structure. (Here be monsters...)

In contrast, slipknots are a pure imminence based in the fabric of space-time. Rather than having an arborescent geometry that is stable and outside time, they have a time-bound fractal geometry. Slipknots are discontinuities in the fabric of space-time which through their ruptures, branches, and juxtapositions create direct sutures to places with similar material ruptures in the fabric of space-time. They are contingent and time-bound phenomena, since periodically these ruptures heal and others form.

Slipknots are also by their nature "leaky". Some suture one point in space-time (past, present, or future) to another point. They can also can breed monsters, although these are of an entirely natural sort: sutures facilitate panspermia.


  1. I like this. Vague enough not the fence you in, but specific enough to have a lot of flavor.

    1. Thanks! I was trying for something that allowed me to build Space Lore for both Diaspora and Starblazer Adventures (and the burgeoning body of FATE-based games). There's a bit of an Easter egg in here too...