Monday, June 25, 2012

Table 1: Cargo Hold Scene Aspects

If you're like me, it's usually after the game session that you think of all incredible scene aspects you should have used. Scene Aspects tables offer you ideas for Aspects you can deploy in your FATE game. Roll once or more using a D30 to select some aspects - or just go ahead and pick some that look interesting. Modify them at will. If you have some other ideas for Scene Aspects, please feel free to add them in the comments!

Table 1 - Cargo Hold Scene Aspects

  1. Leaky chemical drums with illegible labels
  2. Shiny new biohazard containers stacked neatly on pallets
  3. A chemical spill, again?!?
  4. Is that alien snot or some kind of lubricant?
  5. Laser torches, fully charged and ready to go
  6. Plenty of improvised weapons tools
  7. Stowaways/lurkers in the way
  8. Is that an airlock? Why is the blast door ajar?
  9. Can't see all the way up on top of those (a big stack of cargo boxes, engineering equipment, etc.)
  10. Never noticed all those ventilator shafts before
  11. Critter swarm (space rats, space roaches, Trelebs with Pervasoids) 
  12. Heavy cargo lifter (see the photo, above)
  13. Maintenance bots (active)
  14. Maintenance bots re-charging in botbays
  15. Motion/heat activated lighting (see only in your own Zone, unless something else is out there moving)
  16. Flashing strobe alarm lights only (good for Compels)
  17. Dim lighting (see out 1 Zone only)
  18. No lighting (good for Compels)
  19. Force barrier up
  20. Cages - locked? -unlocked?
  21. Cages - something got loose
  22. Raw power jacks
  23. That looks like contraband
  24. Cargo lift (doors in the floor)
  25. Cargo elevator (doors in the wall)
  26. Stale air, thin air, soon no air
  27. That radiation klaxon is deafening (good for Compels)
  28. Sliding blast doors (drop from overhead or close sideways)
  29. Big boxes with fancy locks - what's in those, I wonder?
  30. Those items have been missing for a while... what are they doing down here?


  1. Have you thought about things like.

    "All the Cargo is in MicroG and not strapped down and floating about"

    It's easy to get things going and really hard to stop it, plus any change in ship vector will have an effect on the cargo movement.

    Tim Dyke

  2. @Tim: I had absolutely not thought about Micro-G, which seems silly in retrospect. That is really brilliant. I would imagine the default for Micro-G storage might be clamping things to bulkheads, or storing things in cargo web material. Things get bad when stuff gets unclamped or the webbing gets unmoored from the bulkheads - especially when the ship starts a burn!