Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2001 Space Pod in Diaspora
As I noted in my last post, the 2001 Space Pod was a hallmark for pre-RPG science fiction fandom. In this post, I am going to stat the vehicle out using the Diaspora RPG rules.This seems very fitting, since Diaspora is a hard SF RPG where this kind of workhorse vehicle would make sense.

OGL Mechanics:

T0 EVA Space Pod - T0 is the midpoint on a Technology scale that ranges from T-4 (stone age) to T4 (approaching collapse due to imminent singularity). T0 indicates a civilization that has begun to explore its solar system.

V-Shift 0, Beam 0, Torpedo 0, EW 0, Trade 0


  • Skeleton Crew: Takes only one crew member to pilot, as long as they have both the Pilot and Navigation skills.
  • Grappler Arms: Pilot skill can be used to retrieve objects, conduct repairs, or attach itself to another ship.
  • External Repairs: Use Engineering (space) or Repair skill to make external repairs to a space vehicle. A ship carrying a pod increases its Trade score by 1 for the purposes of monthly maintenance checks.

Frame 3
Data 1
Heat 1

These three items were sheer guesswork. I gave the Pod a Frame 3 because it survived going through inter-dimensional gates, after all.


  • Did you turn off the autopilot?
  • You'll lose at least one of these before the mission's done
  • Ideal conference room for shipboard conspiracies
  • Two's company in here, three's a crowd
  • They go where no one's gone before

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