Friday, June 29, 2012

The Glasscage System

This post presents a Diaspora conversion for Prison Planet 27121, while also sharing alternative setting content. Here goes:

"Deorbiting to the blue ice giant" by Nicole Cadet 

The prison isn't actually on Planet 27121; it is on one of the many icy moons that orbit the ice giant planet. The moon's name is Glasscage. It's atmosphere is just as toxic as 27121, but at least the moon has a surface on which you can walk. When a shuttle lands with prisoners, they need to be walked from the small, rocky landing pad to an ice cave nearby. The prison facility is almost entirely built out of tunnels dug below the ice moon's surface. Those nearest the surface were cut from ice; the deeper ones were cut from stone.

There are traps all along the way inside the complex. Explosive charges can be remotely detonated to seal off the exterior tunnels, making extractions and jailbreaks extremely dangerous. Those are just the beginning of the obstacles in the way of freedom.

The prison complex has many alternate access/egress points that are protected by remotely controlled blast doors. These are carefully hidden in the sides of steep, sharp hills and will be very difficult to see from orbit.

Finally one of this system's slipknots is artificial. It is a hyperspace suture leading directly to the capital of a powerful state. That state is an unofficial sponsor and supplier of the Glasscage facility, and will typically keep at least one stealth vessel in-system to provide additional protection for the facility.

OGL Mechanics

Planet 27121 - Glasscage
  • Technology 2: Slipstream use (pirate base)
  • Environment -2: Hostile environment (ice moon with toxic atmosphere)
  • Resources -2: One significant export (hostages returned for credits and goods)
  • Aspects:
    • We're in the human capital business
    • Only one small landing pad
    • Friends in high places (and usually more than one)

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