Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prison Planet

Planet 27121 is briefly mentioned in human space survey records an uninhabitable ice planet in a system of resource-poor worlds with toxic atmospheres. It is in fact a prison world with several hundred captives. The planetary ice giant orbits far from its red giant star. Its atmosphere is incapable of supporting life. The world has a number of ice rings (not visible in this image) and many moons. It is remote from the core areas of human space, in a pirate-infested interstitial zone between rival and sometimes warring states. Conveniently enough, the system also has a hyperspace suture which connects it directly to the imperial homeworld. There is usually an imperial presence here, sometimes strong, and most often clandestine and cloaked.
While an abundance of gulags and prison planets exist within the states of human space, this one is privately operated. Originally, it was a pirate base made from a few pressurized bubbles and tubes. Over time, it has become a very well-defended and supplied private prison. Today, Planet 27121 is a very lucrative warehouse for interstellar kidnapping and hostage-keeping. It is also the ideal place where a sovereign can or state ministry can remove potential successors, pretenders, and dissidents from the political chessboard.

  • The imperial Sacred Band's Heirophant-class Battle Carrier Akhenaten appeared in the system recently, and dropped a shuttle planetside. The shuttle and the ship departed a few hours later though the hyperspace suture.
  • Several of the empire's rival and sometimes warring states stockpile potential alternative heirs of their adversaries here
  • Structure B recently experienced an accidental depressurization, killing several cult leaders and social reformers
This world was generated using the Planet Generator in Chapter 26 of Starblazer Adventures. I was watching Alien 3 at the time. What are the odds of randomly generating a prison planet while watching Alien 3?

OGL Mechanics:
  • This is a Class 8 Planetary Ice Giant
  • Atmosphere incapable of supporting life
  • Full ring system
  • Many moons
  • Average population (+4) - 100s of inhabitants
  • Planetary Skills:
    • Diplomacy +7 Epic
    • Resources (wealth) +6 Fantastic
    • Resources (materials) +8 Legendary
    • Resources (industrial) +3 Good
    • Military capability +6 Fantastic
    • Planetary security +8 Legendary
    • Tech level +5 Superb
    • Trade level +4 Great
  • Mandatory Aspects:
    • Planetary Government: Pirate Kingdom-Penal Colony
    • Parent Star Classification: Red Giant 
  • Additional Aspects:
    • Friends in high places (usually several high places)
    • Ready for a siege
    • If you want to leave, someone will have to pay
    • "It's an ice giant - you have no one to blame but yourself if you try to escape"

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