Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wireless Message

Wireless Message (Divination, Cost, Per Scene, Permanent, Requires one other Divination spell):  A Wireless Message never brings good news. This casting is used to keep tabs on a loved one, or a person the caster has been charged with protecting. It requires a photograph, a lock of hair, or some other arcane connection to its target. Once cast, the spell is permanent, but is only discharged if the target is threatened in some way by their immediate external environment (e.g., fire, drowning, abduction, an accident, or assault). If a triggering event occurs, the caster receives an immediate sensory impression of the local environment from the target's point of view. The caster will also be aware of the target's thoughts and feelings at the time of the triggering event.

This spell requires a WIS/Careful +2 roll:
  • A normal success means that the spell has been cast successfully. 
  • If the caster Succeeds with Style on their casting roll, they will experience Wireless Message as a premonition which occurs one day before the triggering event. 

A target may resist the casting by rolling their CHA/Flashy vs. the caster's WIS/Careful +2:
  • If the target rolls higher than the caster, the spell fails. 
  • If the caster rolls higher than their target, the spell is successfully cast upon the target. 

This spell was inspired by the Ambrose Bierce short story, "A Wireless Message".


  1. An excellent spell inspired by a great storyteller. The mechanics you are using look interesting.

    1. Thanks! We're having fun with them and they were obviously inspired by the many fine spells that have appeared in the pages of Hereticwerks