Monday, October 6, 2014

Enkidu FerJabbersSake

Enkidu FerJabbersSake is my first character for 5th edition D&D. Yesterday, I posted the backstory for this character at The Everwayan. I thought it might be fun today to translate him for Fate Freeport Companion.

Keep in mind that a beginning character for the Fate Freeport Companion is significantly more capable than a 1st level D&D character.

Enkidu was originally created for a new western continent in the Forgotten Realms setting. But he'd work well in Freeport or Razor's Coast - really in any setting with a colonial port city and a wilderness where indigenous groups clashing with settlers from across the seas.

Although I originally wrote Enkidu as a grudging worshiper of Bahgtru, the orcish god of idiot strength, this version of Enkidu taps into 13th Age's Icons cosmology.

Enkidu FerJabbersSake

  • High Concept: Hulking Half Orc Ranger
  • Trouble: A taste for human males
  • Icon Relationship: Conflicted Relationship with the Orc Lord
  • Aspect: My missing Half Orc brother
  • Aspect: Surprisingly handsome
  • STR +3
  • DEX +1
  • CON +2
  • INT 0
  • WIS +1
  • CHA +2
  • Favored Enemy: Because I have not forgiven my own goblinoid-kind for enslaving my little brother, I take +2 to my STR Skill when Attacking orcs or goblins.
  • Half Orc Smash!: Because of my great size and physical prowess, I take +2 to my STR Skill to Overcome an Obstacle where might can help.
  • Natural Explorer: Because I have lived all my life in the forest, I take +2 to my WIS or INT Skills to Create an Advantage in this environment.
  • Rough Trade: Because I am ruggedly handsome, I take +2 to my CHA Skill to Create an Advantage with someone likely to be attracted to me.

STRESS TRACKS: Physical - 3 boxes, Mental - 2 boxes

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