Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Last Happy Vulcan


Remulek, or Romulus as the Terrans prefer to call him, was the first true Romulan. The Romulans see him as their all-father. They refer to him as The Last Happy Vulcan, because he escaped before the grey pall of logic descended over that red world and turned The Green Blood weak.

Remulek, his brother Rem'ez, and several hundred clan followers, commandeered a prototype starship belonging to one of Vulcan's city states.  They left their world behind precisely when it needed strong leaders who could forge peace and order out of war and chaos.  In a few short years, another leader would step forward to provide that leadership: Surak of Vulcan, father of the Awakening.

Remulek named his vessel the She-Wolf, because it would give birth to a new star-nation. He used one of the ship's experimental warp bottle torpedoes to take his followers on a one-way trip to a new world. In doing so, he and his brother founded the world of Romulus and set the stage for its future Star Empire.

Remulek's passions would drive the two brothers to greatness.

But only one of them would live long and prosper.

Here is a rendering of Remulek using the current draft of FATE Core.

REMULEK, Founder of the Romulan Star Empire

High Concept 
  • I have a great destiny
  • Ruled by passion
The Phase Trio: The flight from Vulcan and settlement of a new world brought with it conflicts from the old world. Remulek struggled with his brother for leadership of his followers. For a time after planetfall, Rem'ez took control of the clan. But with the help of clan-allies like Sevtar the Stealthy, and the Reman alien Am'rak the Mindful, Remulek overthrew his brother and cast him into the hell-world of Remus.
  • You can leave Vulcan behind...but not the civil war
  • Friends are better than brothers
  • The best allies come from hell
1 Great (+4): Rapport
2 Good (+3): Fighting, Will
3 Fair (+2): Deceit, Intimidation, Physique
4 Average (+1): Contacting, Lore, Notice, Shooting

  • Popular (Rapport skill)
  • Physical Stress: 1-, 2-, and 3-point boxes
  • Mental Stress: 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-point boxes
Refresh/FATE Points: 3

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