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The Destruction of Vulcan

Some good came from the Destruction of Vulcan. A Unification of sorts occurred as some of the 10,000 space borne Vulcan survivors settled on worlds in the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Romulans proposed it; many of the Vulcans agreed; the Federation stood by and watched. A cross border trade emerged, with Vulcans as the intermediaries. This in time led to numerous intelligence breakthoughs for the Federation.

Some Vulcans even went to Romulus itself. It was an unpleasant surprise when the U.S.S. Intrepid and its almost entirely Vulcan crew defected to the Romulans. Negotiations dragged on for months, but the Federation never got that ship back. The few human crew were returned after months of subspace negotiations.

The Destruction of Vulcan freed many Vulcans from the oppressive Yoke of Logic, as some later called the old ways. The psychic pressure of billions of Vulcans sublimating their base drives was suddenly gone. Many Vulcans moderated their approach to logic; Vulcans were seen to smile again.  Pon farr disappeared, and Vulcan romantic patterns and mating habits soon harmonized with their more passionate Romulan brethren.

Vulcans of the Diaspora pursued many different ways of life. Some were traditional: teacher, trader, philosopher, scientist, monk. Some were new: prophet, courtesan, mercenary, smuggler, spy. A few forged the fearsome Trade Alliance with the Ferengi.

In the decades to come, no one ever took a Vulcan for granted again.

Here is a rendering of Sovak, a Vulcan smuggler-spy, 
using the current draft of FATE Core.

SOVAK, Vulcan smuggler-spy

High Concept 
  • I can get you anything you want
  • There's always extra room in my hold
The Phase Trio: Sovak was one of many Vulcans who sought new opportunities in the Romulan Neutral Zone. He gained a reputation for his ability to get anything for anyone, and soon both the Romulans and the Federation were trading with him - for both trade goods and secrets. A few bad deals made him a wanted man on both sides of the Neutral Zone. Fortunately he has friends like the human swindler Harvey Mudd, and the Romulan Subcommander Talina Shovaz to help him out of predicaments.
  • With friends like these
  • Know someone in the Tal Shiar?
  • Federation laws are notoriously lax
1 Great (+4): Contacting
2 Good (+3): Lore (Romulan Neutral Zone), Notice
3 Fair (+2): Deceit, Rapport, Resources
4 Average (+1): Drive (Starship), Empathy, Fighting, Shooting

  • My Own Ship (Resources skill) - Sovak owns a Mugato-class Free Trader.
  • The Weight of Reputation (Contacting skill) - Sovak is always ready with a well-placed counterthreat, such as to call down the Tal Shiar on someone who threatens him
  • Physical Stress: 1- and 2-point boxes
  • Mental Stress: 1- and 2-point boxes
Refresh/FATE Points: 2

FATE Core is copyright 2012 by Evil Hat Productions.

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