Saturday, December 1, 2012

Marine Encounter Table for Kepler 22-B

The inimitable John M. Stater has just posted our Marine Encounter Table for New Manila Bay, which is in Sector I-5 of the Kepler 22-B Strange New World collaborative world building project.

The SNW project is system neutral  but on my own blog I post Diaspora-specific supplementary content for Sector I-5.

You can join this project and claim your own Sector of the real Big Planet. The details for joining SNW are here.


  1. You really are getting on with this. I'm wondering now if some of these creatures, their relations or similar species could have entered or evolved in sector V3. There are big beasties over there too, that much we know, but we're light on details so far. I need to get back to it at any rate.

    1. And on a practical level, feel free to borrow or migrate into your sector anything you feel is a good fit!

  2. On of Mr. Stater's posts suggests that there may be many different reptilian megafauna on Kepler 22-B that are intelligent but lack the limbs for tool use, and that there are a number of smaller reptilian races that lack intelligence but have bodies with limbs suitable for tool use. So I have been playing around with the former, but not yet with the latter (I have an idea in that area though).

    I think one of the core enigmas of this world is that there are MANY intelligent species - too many in fact for evolution as it is normally conceived to account for. Something else is going on. Either the planet has certain sentience-generative properties of its own, or it is an attractor for strange migrations from other worlds, or both. Or something else. Time will tell, and my guess is that there will be several strong and competing explanatory frameworks before we are all done with this project

  3. I hadn't read that, or I'd forgotten. Very useful. I hadn't really speculated on the enigma either, just assumed introductions or arrivals would be the cause of most, but it doesn't seem so likely to work out that way now. I may drop some open-ended hints then, and get a little more specific about the natures of the larger creatures at my end too.