Friday, April 24, 2015

Strange Stars Guardians

We've created seven PCs for our five players to choose from in tonight's Fate Strange Stars adventure, "Rescue on Tenebrae". A number are inspired directly by the Guardians of the Galaxy, but they are definitely interpretations that work within the Strange Stars setting. Any can be played as either male or female (and for a few gender may not even be relevant).

Here is our rogues' gallery:

  • Stakar Sokha, Hyehoon clade, a feathered humanoid xenoarchaeologist who has had some kind of encounter with an ancient, cruel Hawk God. Accused of Eden Seeker sympathies.
  • Pluvian, Silicate Moravec, a crystal-bodied artificial being that can project heat and cold energy beams, as well as sculpt the Metascape.
  • HV-27 (aka Heavy-27), a cloned heavy worlder used as a mining slave on Aygo. HV's the only slave to escape there, and HV's career as a gladiator and rebel is legendary. 
  • Free Radicoon, Musteloid clade, is an uplifted animal bred for animal companion therapy on a space asylum in the Keystone Quadrant. An ornery scientist and gun nut, Free Radicoon is wanted as an animal rights terrorist.
  • Gamorine, Smaragdine clade, from the lost colony of Smarag-dum. Gamorine is a green skinned assassin trained by Lord Death himself. Beware Gamorine's teleportation and Emerald Flying Daggers psi-attack!
  • Radion (Radiant Icon), exiled Star-Lord scion of the last living Radiant Lord (or so Radion's father claims). Radion has a divine aura, and the Radiant Lord gene markers to match. Radion pilots the Kill Wagon, a pocket warship that Free Radicoon hotwired and helped Radion steal from Father's fleet. 
  • Loki, Deodand clade, jet black on the right side, bone white on the left. Bad news on two feet, and newly reembodied after a disastrous Vokun expedition to Tenebrae, Loki's the key to everything. But Loki's memories have been altered.

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