Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fate Strange Stars in Layout

The Fate rulebook for +trey causey's Strange Stars setting is now in layout and in the very capable hands of +B. Portly. The writing happened from roughly June 2014-mid-March 2015. Last night, Trey shared a test layout for the first chapter, Fate in the Strange Stars. It looks wonderful.

There's really something quite special about seeing your first book in layout. Things suddenly seem very real!  I'm looking forward to having the real thing in-hand too!

We'll be sharing more content for Strange Stars very soon. My priority over the last month has been to get the manuscript in to Trey, as well as shepherding a major project with long term implications through the research phase at work. Both of those tasks are over the hump now, and I am just a few weeks away from my next Strange Stars game event, so you will be seeing more Strange Stars content here very soon!

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