Saturday, January 17, 2015

Temporal Mirror

Temporal Mirror (Divination/Planar, Cost, Per Scene, Persistent, Requires one other Divination or Planar spell, Corrupting): One of the essential forensic castings, this Nexialist formula creates a shimmering mirror in front of the caster. The mirror does not reflect the present, but instead presents a temporally displaced view of the space.

The caster and anyone else present in the space at the time of casting will also be reflected in the mirror. Their appearance is shifted temporally to reflect their past or future mien. If the caster uses the formula to view the space in a time prior to or after the existence of the caster, only the space is visible.

The caster rolls WIS +2 vs. a difficulty based on the degree of temporal displacement to be bridged:

  •   0:Minutes
  • +1:Hours
  • +2:Days
  • +3:Weeks
  • +4:Months
  • +5:Years
  • +6:Centuries
Showing someone else a glimpse of their future is often Corrupting (few persons are truly prepared for such exposure), and given the circumstances often at least a Minor Infraction.

The name of this formula was suggested by Octavia Butler's short story "The Evening and the Morning and the Night", although the plot of that story has little to do with the spell itself.

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