Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lucky Dice!

Hard to believe the world's first ever Saturday Night Space Opera was already two weeks ago at the Source Comics and Games in Roseville, Minnesota! Jay Mac Bride did all the hard work: making the space arrangements, building our custom blog, and designing the posters to promote the event. I had the easy part: just show up and play X-plorers, an excellent old school flavored d20 SF game.

And so we did! You can see all the details at the Exonauts! blog starting here and then here for even more pulse-pounding action!

But let me tell you about the magic that went into this session. First, the evening started with some pre-session chatting about old school SF games, and Savage Worlds, with three folks who had played in my Free RPG Day Cosmic Patrol session this past summer. It was great to see them!

As soon as they left, Jay and I were just sort of waiting... for maybe five minutes. Right before it was time for the game to start, I went back to the dice section at the Source and made a big financial and spiritual commitment. I bought a set of Gamescience "precision dice" (painted, of course). This was an act of faith that our players would show up.

Just as soon as I had made it back to the table and was in the process of sitting down - BAMF - three other players arrived. We dug in for a great night of space opera gaming.

True to the Gamescience advertising, my character did not die due to the use of inferior "tumbled" dice. He didn't die at all, in fact! I have had quite the lucky run so far playing Scientists in X-plorers!

No less importantly, these green gem dice summon players. How rad is that?!? Rad enough for another evening of X-plorers using Jay's Rad Astra space-setting!

Our next session of open Saturday Night Space Opera gaming is Saturday, February 7, from 6 PM to closing at the Source! See you there!

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