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Today at FATE SF, we are thrilled to have a special guest post by Mark Carroll!  Mark had noticed that I hadn't yet posted a Fate conversion for my post on the Annihilator weapon for use with the Cosmic Patrol RPG.

You can see that earlier post on the Annihilator, as well as Fate stats for that weapon's unluckiest targets, the Overkilled, right here. As you will see, Mark has gone well beyond describing one version of the weapon. He expands the mythos of the Annihilator, as well as providing descriptive details and stats for several versions of this terrible weapon at different scales.

Thanks, Mark, and welcome to FATE SF!



No weapon is feared or despised more than the Annihilator. Its origins are a mystery, but some have speculated that the radiations it emits have some link to the Dark Consciousness that lies at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Indeed, given that the weapons can only be found in the deadly debris fields surrounding clusters of singularities at the edges of the galactic core, and that the weapons invariably find their way into the hands of those desperate or vicious enough to use them, it's hard to argue that some agency isn't creating them for some bleak purpose.

Rules:  Annihilator weaponry makes use of the Weapon and Armor Aspects and Scale optional rules found in the Fate System Toolkit.

Annihilator Beam (Scale 5, Heavy Weapon): These ship- or emplacement-mounted Annihilators represent the largest and most powerful versions of the weapon available. Possession of one is a death sentence...either for its victims, or for those vile enough to employ it.

Weapon 5

Aspects: Armor is no Protection!, Deadliest Weapon in the Galaxy, Overkill*

*The Overkill Aspect represents the possibility that the strange energies of the Annihilator have a chance to convert living flesh to purulent, slimy anti-life matter. A Fate Point and the appropriate Aspect or Equipment can be used to avoid the Extreme Consequence of Consumed by Anti-Life.


Manpac Annihilator (Scale 4, Heavy Weapon): Also called a Matthews-Boskone Vortex Projector, this is the largest Annihilator weapon that could reasonably be considered man-portable. Consisting of a sealed power pac, a heavily-shielded conduit cable, and projector (either with a stabilization harness or magnetic tripod), the Manpac is sometimes mounted on vehicles, but more often used to mass-murder. The power packs for the Manpac sometimes leak if overused, bathing the operators in deadly radiation.

Weapon 4

Aspects: Armor is no Protection!, Built for Indiscriminate Murder, As Dangerous to You As It Is to Them, Overkill*

*The Manpac's Overkill Aspect functions as the Annihilator Beam's, but inflicts a Severe Consequence.


Death-Spear Annihilator Rifle (Scale 3, Standard Weapon): The D-SAR is the most commonly-encountered version of the dreaded weapons, found in the hands of the most despicable pirate crews and evil alien races. It is slightly larger than the standard blaster rifle, with twin barrels and a massive power cell that is sealed within its stock. The D-SAR can engage multiple targets at once, and the reciprocating barrels keep the weapon cooled.

Weapon 4

Aspects: Armor is no Protection!, Area Effect, Bulky, Overkill*

*The Overkill Aspect for the D-SAR works identically to the Manpac and Annihilator Beam's, inflicting a Moderate Consequence.


Berserker-class Annihilator Pistol (Scale 3, Standard Weapon): Easily the most dangerous of the weapons using Annihilator technology, the Berserker is a death sentence for target and user both. Essentially a modified version of the D-SAR, the Berserker's power pack is enclosed by only rudimentary shielding, primarily in the weapon's grip. It resembles a stubby, wide-mouthed pistol-grip shotgun; the emitter shielding bell over its muzzle is more for confidence than safety. Every shot exposes the firer to accumulated doses of Annihilator radiation, and as such, the weapons are only given to those who have literally nothing to lose. Even if the firer never succumbs fully, the radiation is guaranteed to drive them psycopathically mad.

Weapon 3

Aspects: A Madman's Weapon, Armor is No Protection!, Accumulating Contamination, Overkill*

*The Overkill Aspect functions slightly differently than other Annihilator weapons. Targets may still suffer the Moderate Consequence Consumed by Anti-Life, but unless a Success With Style is achieved, the weapon's user has a Minor Consequence inflicted upon them: Rotting Body, Maddened Mind. As with the usual Overkill Aspect, this may be resisted with a Fate Point, but given the weapon's proximity, no armor or energy field gives protection.

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