Thursday, January 17, 2013

Leagues of Adventure at Con of the North

At Con of the North next month, I'll be running a two part steampunk adventure using the Ubiquity system game Leagues of Adventure! The game will be from 12-6 PM on Friday, February 15. You can register for either the first two hours of adventure, set in London, or for the four hours of adventure in the New World (and beyond) that follows. Or you can register for both.

To prepare for the adventure, I have been reading posts on Triple Ace Games' LoA forums. From there I re-discovered a link to Victorian Adventure Enthusiast website, which includes a fairly comprehensive list of steampunk and Victorian era/setting RPGs. There are a few recent publications missing from the list, and it looks like the site in general hasn't been updated in about a year. But it is still a very good list.

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