Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shadowcraft: The Glamour War

Ryan Danks' Kickstarter for Shadowcraft: the Glamour War is in its final day and a half.  It's still a few thousand away from its target, but making progress.

As it should! Ryan's a good designer. I really liked a number of features of the Jadepunk RPG design, and the playmat was a stroke of genius.  I'm sure this game will have lots of worthwhile innovations too.

There has been a fair amount of bickering about this KS over at, and it really disappointed me to see it. So I thought I'd put in a brief letter of reference for Shadowcraft's designer.

Ryan and I don't agree on too many things politically. I don't really need us to either. All I am saying is we are not buddy-buddy types who see most things eye-to-eye.

On the internet, there is a cheap and easy grace in pointing out where and how other people have gotten it wrong. We see this every day, from just about every corner.

Ryan is one of the few people I have seen on the internet who has directly apologized for things he has said that had either offended others, or were based on misinformation.

He's not afraid to admit when he is wrong. That takes a lot of character. It's something I admire.

I can't participate in too many Kickstarters, and these comments are entirely unsolicited.

It's just something I felt it was important to say as the KS approaches it's finale.

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