Saturday, July 19, 2014

Next Weekend: Cosmic Patrol!

Next weekend, SF&F author and historian Carolyn Ives Gilman will be guest of honor at Diversicon. This is the most intimate and literary con in the Twin Cities scene. There has never been too much gaming at the con, but a few years ago I started running a late Saturday afternoon game that ties in to some of the themes of the convention. With one of the foremost scholars on the Lewis and Clark expedition as our guest of honor, I decided to run some deep space exploration themed Cosmic Patrol.

If you're coming to this con stop by and play! Cosmic Patrol is easy to learn and play. I'll be using a modified version of Cosmic Patrol's rotating Lead Narrator model at the con. We'll rotate scene narration so that everybody has a chance to direct part of the story, but I'll handle the combat. Should be fun to see where people take the story! 

Here are the adventure details:

Cosmic Patrol: Rescue the Lewis and Clark! Saturday afternoon, 4-6 PM on August 2, in the RailRoad Lobby at Diversicon. A easy to learn, pulpy SF roleplaying game inspired by the works of our living & posthumous Guests. John Everett Till, gamemaster. Rules will be taught, and the game uses a rotating storyteller model. We'll take turns moving the story forward!

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