Friday, February 14, 2014

Con of the North Begins

No Deck of Fridays today, because today we're actually using the Deck of Fate at the gaming table!  It's the first day of Con of the North in the Twin Cities, the largest gaming convention in the Upper Midwest.  Today we are running six hours of Ubiquity Space: 1889 content, and a two hour Fate Freeport session. 

We have quite a cast of characters for Space: 1889, including a:
  • Gunslinging French anarchist with a penchant for Verne and anti-colonialism
  • Vengeful German armaments inventor
  • Venusian lizard man scout
  • Itinerant Martian aristocrat-scholar
  • Ambitious Lao Prince/Princess from Vientiane
  • Skillful but very superstitious Hmong hunter
  • British Big Game Hunter
  • Ruritanian etherflyer pilot
  • Intriguing British adventuress from the Ladies Speculative Society  
Should be fun.

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