Monday, July 15, 2013

The Arrival Of Nova Praxis

The Anubian Ambassador and The Box

When I arrived home at lunchtime today to feed the Anubian Ambassador, there was a mail van parked in front of the house. As I was parking, Tattooed Loveboy the Mailman was getting out of the van with a big box. I followed him to the house, and witnessed his at least 2-3' dead drop of the box onto our concrete stoop.

Fortunately, it came well packed - a box within a box, with the inner box nested all around with peanuts. Not the kind of peanuts that the Anubian Ambassador likes, but you can't please everyone. It arrived undamaged.

What was in the box? The beautiful print edition of Nova Praxis, +Mike McConnell's FATE-based RPG of transhuman SF. I can't wait to spend some time reading through it. One thing that I am VERY pleased about is that the font size is just right to be readable for those, let's just say, of the Whitebox generation!

Here's the cover:

As you can see below, the Anubian Ambassador is already using her light-manipulation powers to assemble zones for a combat scenario. We both want to play.

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  1. Nice looking artifact. I've been meaning to check this out.