Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Investigator Hargitay - Centurion Special Service Investigator

Investigator Hargitay is attached to the Coalition's Centurion Special Service. Her specialty is investigating and tracking down SIMs and Sleeved individuals who have committed crimes with seeming impunity.

In her childhood, Hargitay's mother was stalked and killed by a rogue SIM; she grew up in foster care. Her mother's death was Hargitay's motivation to join the Special Service. After a confrontation with a cybersleeved, massively-forked posthuman perpetrator, she decided to undergo Apotheosis herself and get sleeved.


  • Approach: Think about it from the victim's perspective
  • Belief: We won't be safe unless we protect others
  • Connection: I had a good partner
  • Desire: To live in a society in which the sleeved and SIMs aren't feared
  • Experience: Child of a crime victim
  • Flaw: Indignation can trump judgement

  • Alpha sleeve or +1 on bonus to purchase a better one

  • 1 Rank 5: Insight
  • 2 Rank 4: Diplomacy, Firearms 
  • 3 Rank 3: Assets,  Intimidation, Mnemonics 
  • 4 Rank 2: Guile, Research, Resolve, Stealth 
  • 10 Rank 1: Cohesion, Demolition, Education, Engineering: Hardware, Engineering: Software, Networking: Apostate, Networking: House,  Melee, Pilot, Security

Gamma Sleeve:*
  • Base Value: 8
  • Sleeve Aspects:
    • Gene-Fixed Biosleeve
    • Striking Looks
  • Physical Skills:
    • Athletics 4
    • Endurance 4
    • Perception 3
    • Quality 2
  • Augmentations
    • Apotheosis
    • Data Jack and Storage
    • Exceptional Genengineering
    • Light Screen Camouflage (i.e., light-bending cloaking device)
    • Striking Looks
*I bumped up the Sleeve model by two steps from Alpha to Gamma in order to show off more Augmentations.

  • All Seeing Eye: +3 on Perception tests
  • Licensed: has access to restricted equipment
  • Right Place, Right Time: spend a FP to arrive in a scene at just the right moment
  • See the Soul: once per scene spend a FP to perform an Assessment on a person and determine one of their Aspects 

  • Physical: 6 
  • Mental: 5
  • Social: 7
  • System: 3


  • Rep-Rating Purchases:
    • ARID Cloner
    • Virtuality Interface
  • Restricted Items:
    • Heavy Gauss Pistol
    • Protective Vest


  1. The skill pyramid/tower was discarded in Strands of Fate in order to have a basic ability list like you see in most RPG's. Looking at these stats, Nova Praxis brings the pyramid back? That's encouraging.

    Also, it looks like there's a skill missing in Rank 2, unless you're leaving the slot open for during play. :-)

  2. Hi Mikelo! You are right about missing a stat on Rank 2. I moved things around a lot during the build (not that I am a min-maxer). I will figure out what I left out and fix it!

  3. The Skill pyramid is now fixed! I moved Research from Rank 1 up to Rank 2, and added Demolitions to Rank 1.

  4. The skill pyramid is actually not a part of NP. The starting skill sets are somewhat 'pyramid' like but there is no restrictions or rules that make the character keep any particular skill set 'shape'.

    This sample character seems to have use the 'specialist' skill set but there are 2 other starting skill sets: Expert and Generalist which move farther away from the 'pyramid' setup.

  5. @Mitch: Yeah, I don'think the text uses the term Pyramid anywhere, but it does rather clearly ask players to choose one of the three options. The Specialist (which I used here) and Expert are roughly pyramidal in shape. The Generalist is wider at the top than at the bottom, but widest in the middle - an interesting shape that fits the name.

  6. This looks very interesting, much more in-line with what we've been looking for and trying to now we'll need to take a look at this Nova Praxis after all...thanks a lot. It remains more a tool-set more than a hard-wired setting, right?

  7. It has its own setting, but all the transhumanist tools in it could be used with other settings like Lithus,Battlestar Galactica, GURPS Transhuman Space, or Eclipse Phase. for example. Lots of gear that can be used off the shelf or modded as well. The published edition will have starships as well.